Quote#5: Reprint


I printed a bunch of these gems today. Metallic gold and slate blue ink on French Paper Company 100# Pure White Construction. Beautiful. Thankfully, I did not have any of the ink or registration issues I encountered the last time. Phew!

These will be available to purchase from my shop soon. I can’t wait to sign and number them.


Quote#5: “Challenge” has been a challenge


Although the semester officially ended on May 17th, I still have work to complete on my sabbatical project. The fifth and final poster has proved to be a challenge. I had experienced some difficulties with plate registration and ink consistency on press last week and must reprint Quote#5. This poster in particular has been a test of my limited letterpress printing skills. To remedy the alignment issue, I tweaked my design to remove the two-color, double line. Thus, I had to order an new polymer plate for the gold ink. In addition, I need to remove the line on the slate blue plate…nothing a that I can’t fix with a fresh X-acto knife blade. I should be getting inky again next week.

I’m looking forward to having the poster available to purchase online by the June 1st. If you want to purchase one before then, feel free to email me.

Quote#4: Hot off the press


This is it folks…quote#4. I absolutely love how it turned out…the design, the colors, the printing. The entire package is friendly and inviting. (Pun intended.)

I can’t believe I have one more poster to print. Soon, the prints will be available to purchase and all proceeds will go to support Mom’s House Phoenixville. I’m excited that my design will help make a difference in a child’s life.

Quote#1: Printing

in-progress, Printing


Yesterday marked the start of the final phase of the Art4Heart Project…printing. Above are some process shots. I’m pleased with how everything came out. (This is the first time I printed a two-color design from separate plates.) I will take better photos of the final printed pieces once they are all dry. All proceeds from the sale of Art4Heart Project prints will go to Mom’s House of Phoenixville. Check back in May for details on purchasing.