Quote#4: Final Colors…I think

color, in-progress, lettering

After taking a few days off, I came back to review my colors options for quote #4. Although I handpicked the colors presented, I began to think about the valuable feedback I received. I favored the analogous colors of the pink/purple combo because the pink really popped off the page. Yet, I had concerns because the pink/purple and coral/blue combos felt a bit girly. The blue/green combination was the most gender neutral, however it lacked the excitement of the pink/purple one since both both colors were fairly equal in intensity. So alas, I combined the richness of the purple and the intensity of the cyan for (hopefully) one final color exploration.


Quote #4: Color Exploration

color, lettering

With the design for quote #4 complete, today I moved on to exploring the application of color. My color palettes take cues from wrapping paper. I wanted the colors to represent celebrations…not specific holidays. Below are some of my favorite color options. Which do you prefer?


Option 1 – pink & purple


Option 2 – coral & blue

Basic RGB

Option 3 – blue & green

Quote#4: Vectorizing Work In Progress

in-progress, lettering

Above is a comparison of original thumbnail to in-progress vectorizing. The design to coming together well. I am continuing to develop the style of lettering for “children.” I’m just not satisfied yet, however I’m loving the girly whimsy of the flourishes and playfulness of the details in “presents.”

Quote #4: Fleshing out the composition

in-progress, lettering, sketches

Your children need your presence more than your presents. — Jesse Jackson

I have been drawing a variety of lettering styles for the words, “presence” and “presents.” With a clearer direction in mind, I worked on developing thumbnails sketches of the composition for this next poster. I needed to create emphasis and unity with the text. I also wanted to add flourishes that added to the message’s meaning. I like how the border and ornamentation create a wrapped gift and that the bow on top forms a heart.

[Note: When lettering more than one word, you need to make certain that the words flow easily and read as a cohesive thought. I feel like this is the biggest challenge of lettering quotes instead of single words.]

Quote #2: Color

lettering, Quote2


Here is a sneak peek at the color breaks for quote #2. This will print peacock blue and silver on Speckletone Kraft from French Paper Company. I love the look of silver ink on uncoated paper. It’s a shame the computer doesn’t simulate silver well. I guess I will just have to wait for the final print.

Ready, set…



Today is the official start of my sabbatical. As my colleagues all trudged to campus in the freezing rain this morning for the start of the Spring 2015 semester, I dropped the kids off at the bus stop and came home to begin lettering.