Quote#5: Color Options

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Good news. I have finished designing the fifth and final installment for the Art4Heart Project. Yesterday I ordered printing plates for Quote#1 and will begin letterpress printing next week. Exciting!

Today, I’m posting the color explorations for Quote#5. Color breaks will remain the same…just playing with color. I want to overprint my inks but also want to use metallic gold. This can be a problem since metallics are opaque. That is why I have paired it with grey and slate blue. Those color each have some transparency unlike solid black. Below are the options. Feel free to tell me which one you prefer.


Slate Blue & Gold


Blue & Red


Grey & Gold


Quote#5: WIP – Color Breaks & Overprinting

color, in-progress, lettering

Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 1.22.09 PM

The design of quote#5 has an athletic, sports emblem feel that works well contextually. I enjoy exploring lettering styles and this solution is much more masculine than my last design. I chose to stylistically transform the “challenge” and “change” to reinforce the concept visually.

Above is a snapshot of my progress. I have finished redrawing the letterforms in Adobe Illustrator and now am evaluating how I can apply color and utilize overprinting as a technique to add more dimension to the design. I also need to make some decisions on how I want to handle the front banner. Do I keep it in outline or add a fill of color? A solid color could be nice, especially since letterpress printing large areas of color tends to be imperfect and distressed. Do I want it distressed? What about printing it black and metallic gold? I’m not sure, but I will update soon.

Quote#4: Final Colors…I think

color, in-progress, lettering

After taking a few days off, I came back to review my colors options for quote #4. Although I handpicked the colors presented, I began to think about the valuable feedback I received. I favored the analogous colors of the pink/purple combo because the pink really popped off the page. Yet, I had concerns because the pink/purple and coral/blue combos felt a bit girly. The blue/green combination was the most gender neutral, however it lacked the excitement of the pink/purple one since both both colors were fairly equal in intensity. So alas, I combined the richness of the purple and the intensity of the cyan for (hopefully) one final color exploration.

Quote #4: Color Exploration

color, lettering

With the design for quote #4 complete, today I moved on to exploring the application of color. My color palettes take cues from wrapping paper. I wanted the colors to represent celebrations…not specific holidays. Below are some of my favorite color options. Which do you prefer?


Option 1 – pink & purple


Option 2 – coral & blue

Basic RGB

Option 3 – blue & green