Quote#5: WIP – Color Breaks & Overprinting

color, in-progress, lettering

Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 1.22.09 PM

The design of quote#5 has an athletic, sports emblem feel that works well contextually. I enjoy exploring lettering styles and this solution is much more masculine than my last design. I chose to stylistically transform the “challenge” and “change” to reinforce the concept visually.

Above is a snapshot of my progress. I have finished redrawing the letterforms in Adobe Illustrator and now am evaluating how I can apply color and utilize overprinting as a technique to add more dimension to the design. I also need to make some decisions on how I want to handle the front banner. Do I keep it in outline or add a fill of color? A solid color could be nice, especially since letterpress printing large areas of color tends to be imperfect and distressed. Do I want it distressed? What about printing it black and metallic gold? I’m not sure, but I will update soon.


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